A tool for participating, communicating, and managing ICO pools.

ICO Administration

Running a pool requires substantial time and effort. With Team HODL, admins can efficiently conduct audits with a live submission tracker, provide information on upcoming ICOs for all participants to view, and control over who can access their private pools.

Business First

ICO pool groups can be overwhelmed with irrelevant chatter. Team HODL provides a medium where each ICO has its own sub-forum so that communication is entirely specific, pertinent, and relevant to the ICO at hand.

A Basis for Trust

ICO Pools can require a leap of faith. Using Team HODL’s proprietary software both admins and participants can verify if a submission took place. Team HODL was established to be secure and will never make use of any data inputted to the system.


Easy ICO Pool Administration

Participants can see a quick overview of the ICO, the token metrics, and a due date for submitting an ICO. Team HODL functions as the go-to provider of information and source to build due diligence upon before submitting to an ICO. Team HODL allows for admins to provide all this information and more in one location. Admins can input a slew of information for due diligence such as the social platforms an ICO is on, direct links to the whitepaper, product videos, and much more.

Going Transparent

Keeping track of submissions has never been easier. All submissions to a pool address are instantly displayed as recorded or not yet received. Without explicitly stating how much was submitted, both participants and admins can see if the submission was received for an easy audit. Regardless of currency utilized in submission, Team HODL’s proprietary software can verify if a submission took place. All that is required is for the participant to provide a transaction ID.

Crowdfunding Done Right

Trying to gauge how much demand there is for an ICO? Just as simple! Team HODL has a built in form for pledging for an ICO. All participants can know how close a pool is to reaching the contribution goal.

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